Maize Gene Discovery, DNA Sequencing and Phenotypic Analysis

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Our project is a comprehensive effort to sequence maize genes and to develop new tools to elucidate the function of all maize genes. Because transposon insertions are the mechanism for generating genes for sequencing, all sequenced genes will be accompanied by an insertion mutation for phenotypic analysis. The project components include DNA sequencing projects, molecular and visual phenotypic analysis, and new methods of gene mapping and annotation.

This is a five year project funded by the National Science Foundation.  Please visit the ZmDB web site for the full text of the grant proposal, the complete database of sequences published to date, and contact names at the six participating universities. Below are descriptions of the sub-projects.

DNA Sequencing Projects 

Phenotypic Analysis of Transposon-Tagged Mutants 

New Tools for the Maize Genetics Community
Stanford Project Contacts

Principal Investigator

    Dr. Virginia Walbot    (walbot@leland.stanford.eduWeb Site

Sequencing Technicians

    Brian Nakao               ( )
    Bret Schneider           ( )
    Darren Morrow          ( )

    (Kahled Sarsour and Gurpreet Randhawa have left to pursue graduate degrees.)

Bioinformatics Contact

    John Fernandes         (