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Yeast Deletion Database (consortium members only)


Please note:

This is a private database used by the consortium members.
All pertinent information that is entered will be publicly released with the strain.

Enter the Deletion Database

(consortium members only -- for notes about the database, click here)

Primer Production Schedule

(consortium members only -- no longer used as the project has ended)

Info for consortium members:
Older links specific to the project are listed below for reference:

Freezedown Guidelines
FEDEX Protocol

The database has the following updatable fields:

  • two free-form notes fields -- one private and one public: private notes should include information useful only for members of the consortium, public notes should include information useful for future users of the strain
  • deletion generated: yes, no (reason unknown), no (PCR or oligo synthesis failure), no (poor choice of primer or open reading frame) and no (gene essential). By checking this field, we will be able to determine which primers should be remade in the future, or redesigned.
  • strain -- Strains having record numbers of less than 10,000 should be in the mat a strain (BY4741), 10,000-19,999 in mat alpha (BY4742), 20,000-29,999 in the heterozygous diploid (BY4743) and 30,000-39,999 in the homozygous diploid. Labs who have made deletions in the earlier strains (BY4730 or BY4739) can change this field accordingly.
  • method used in the construction This field is necessary because in some cases strains may be obtained by sporulation, and in some cases, by direct transformation.
  • estimated PCR success
  • number of colonies
  • PCR results for AKanB, AB, KanCD, CD, AD primer pairs for wild-type and candidate deletion strains
  • which isolates are being saved
  • whether deletion construct has been cloned
  • date shipped to Research Genetics

Email or call Angela or Grace at 650 723-7310 if you can't access this site. If neither one of us is in, ask whoever answers the phone to check the computer. We will reboot the computer if necessary. If you perform a search and can't get results, it could mean that the database is offline.

Please send comments, or suggestions to

last updated January 18, 2002