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QC tests used for the YKO strains


Research Genetics supplied frozen 96 well microtiter plates of deletion strains by background (BY4741, BY4741, BY4743 or homozygous diploids). Each background was tested with the following :

  • growth on YPD+G418 -- check selection for KanR
  • auxotroph test diploids-- growth on SD+ura+his+leu media
  • auxtorphic test haploid -- growth of BY4741 (a's) on SD+ura+his+leu+met media or BY4742 ( a's) on SD+ura+his+leu+lys media
  • growth on glycerol and ethanol -- r- growth selection
  • mating tests -- test haploids for correct mating with a or a strains

Strains were scored for discrepancies only. No growth, slow growth or incorrect auxotrophy's were recorded, as were incorrect mating types. Corrections were made when possible, and as much information that is known about any deletion strain is listed in the strain documents in ResGen's ftp site under the columns "RG notes" or "QC notes."












last updated August 2002