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The present annotation of the S. cerevisiae genome at SGD contains 969 annotated ORFs which overlap other ORFs, ARS elements, snRNA genes, tRNA genes or transposon sequences. There are 387 pairs, 29 triplets, 5 quadruplets and 1 quintuplet of overlapping ORFs. 5 ORFs overlap with an ARS element, 7 with a snRNA gene, 7 with a tRNA gene, and 63 with a transposon sequence (Ty, delta, tau, omicron), which were treated as independent ORFs in the project. A substantial number of these annotated ORFs likely represent computational ORFs without any coding potential. Often in this situation, there is no evidence about whether either or both ORFs encode for a protein or not.

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1105 essential ORFs were also screened to see if there were possible ORFs within ORFs. Out of 387 pairs of overlapping ORFs, 56 pairs were found where both ORFs gave a lethal phenotype when disrupted, while in 12 cases, only of one of the two show the same effect. Similar data was obtained when looking at overlaps involving 3 and 4 ORFs. We suggest that in overlapping cases the deletion of a computational ORF may lead to the partial or lethal deletion of the corresponding essential ORF and we point this out as caveat to be aware of when dealing with overlapping ORF phenotypes. Only 3 out of 82 ORFs overlapping with non ORF features are essential: YAL003W (EFB1), YFR031C (SMC2), and YGL145W (TIP20)). 2 overlap with an ARS element and 1 with a snRNA. This suggests that deletions of ARS, snRNAs, tRNAs or transposon associated ORFs have a propensity to be viable. Finally, none of the deletions of ORFs overlapping transposon elements (63) is lethal, though many of these latter ORFs may also represent computational ORFs.

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last updated May, 2002