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These files contain information about the S. cerevisiae deletion strains.  The following is a list of all available columns and descriptions. 

Columns and descriptions are:

1. Rec_num:  Record numbers refer to each of strain backgrounds:
>10,000: mat a haploids
10,000-19,999:   mat alpha haploids
20,000-29,999:   heterozygous diploids
30,000-39,999:    homozygous diploids 
Four digit numbers preceded by an “n” are general record numbers and are not indicative of any strain type.  For a description of the genotypes, see here

2. ORF name:  Systematic name from SGDTM, named from the time of strain generation.  Caveats:  This means an ORF name may now be considered an alias name.  For example, YJL206C-A and YJL205C-A are aliases of YJL205C (gene name: NCE101), but the deletion strain name is under the historical name:  YJL206C-A.

3. deletion_ alias: Appended characters to the ORF name distinguishes multiple deletions:
_t:   denotes a truncated, or partial deletion
_d:  deleted or removed ORF in SGD
_1:  numbers distinguish deletion strains with the same name

4. Essential:  Disruption of ORF is lethal; strain is in the heterozygous background only.

Confirmation and construction primers sequences:
5. A_primer
6. B_primer
7. C_primer
8, D_primer
9. UPTAG_primer
10. DNTAG_primer
11. UPstream45_primer
12. DNstream45_primer
13. UPstream90_primer:  Chosen for subset of the YKOv1strains.
14. DNstream90_primer:  Chosen for subset of the YKOv1strains.

Confirmation PCR sizes:
15. AB_wt_PCR
16. AkanB_del_PCR
17. CD_wt_PCR
18. DkanC_del_PCR
19. AD_wt
20. AD_del
21. AB_del_PCR:  Chosen for the YKOv2 strains.
22. CD_del_PCR:  Chosen for the YKOv2 strains.

20mer tag sequences
21. UPTAG_seq
22. DNTAG_seq