Y.K.O. Community Posting Page Description

This site is intended to enable users of the Y.K.O. mutant collection to share information about the collection. If you have encountered a problem with the Y.K.O. collection, please make your colleagues aware of it. This should help to increase the usefulness of this valuable community resource. Since the YKO consortium no longer has funding and has been disbanded, potential problems with the deletion strains cannot be followed-up. We hope this site will enable Y.K.O. users to identify some of the problems that are sure to exist in the mutant collection.

Posting Guidelines:
Enter your real name and email address as others may wish to contact you for further discussion or to compare results.

Describe as completely and as clearly as possible the evidence that leads you to believe there is a problem withthe YKO collection (include citations to published papers, if appropriate)
Be sure to include the ORF/Gene name, record number (search for this information here ), and the source of the YKO collection you are using (RG, ATCC, etc.)
For sequence problems (usually with the 'bar codes'), include the advertised sequence along with the sequence you determined (seach for tag sequences here)

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