The YJM789 Data Dump

An internal web site supporting finishing and analzying the genome sequence of S. cerevisiae strain YJM789.

News and Documentation

Current main activity: Update to YJM789 sequence version 4 and S288c sequence version 3.

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Data and Computational Results

YJM789 data, S288c reference sequence, and computational results are available through the links in the upper left corner, under the YJM789 license plate. Access to most of the pages is restricted to the SGTC network; see me if you need a password for off-site use. Items of interest on each page include:

YJM789 Informatics News has documentation and announcements. There is a mailing list for new news items; let me know if you would like to be added to it.

YJM789 Sequence is the place to go to get current and previous frozen versions of the YJM789 genome sequence.

The S288c Sequence page has links to current and previous versions of the S288c reference sequence used in the YJM789 analyses.

The alignment page has links to alignments, in a format similar to blast's, of the successfully aligned YJM789 contigs to S288c chromosomes.

The blast page provides blast searches of the YJM789 genome, YJM789 ORFs, and their protein translations. There is a link from the blast page to a page for retrieving YJM789 sequence by coordinates.

The polymorphism page has data sets of polymorphisms between YJM789 and the S288c reference sequence.

The recombination page has graphs of recombination frequency plotted together with polymorphism frequency and GC content.

The gene page has the sequence of ORFs called in YJM789, and YJM789 gene sets obtained by other computational methods.

The tiling chip page has information on the Affymetrix S. cerevisiae tiling chip, with an emphasis on YJM789 probes.

The finishing page has resources for use in finishing the YJM789 genome sequence. For those not involved in finishing, the most interesting part of these pages is probably the contig layout graphs, which show the state of the sequence of each YJM789 chromosome (follow the link at the top of the page for the chromosome you are interested in).