Stanford Genome Technology Center
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
YJM789 Genome Project

Data Release Policy

The NIH has recently reiterated the most essential point of our data release policy. “For genomic data, details should be provided in the plan to assure that sequence data release and usage will support the principle that high quality, primary genomic sequencing data should be rapidly and freely released to the broad scientific community without restriction prior to publication and reconcile the interests of the scientific community for early data release and those of the sequencing centers. Plan must recognize the widely accepted ethic in the scientific community that those who generate the primary genomic data and preliminary genome-wide data analysis should have priority to publish the work in a peer-reviewed journal in a timely manner.” (emphasis added; OMB No. 0990- 0115; November 18, 2002). Please remember that a “timely manner” includes time for finishing.

We ask that users of our unpublished sequence data respect our intention to publish the S. cerevisiae YJM789 genome sequence, in whole or in part, along with our interpretation and analysis of that genome sequence and with comparisons to other genome sequences. Examples of such analyses include (but are not limited to) identification of regions of evolutionary conservation across the genome and/or individual chromosomes, identification or study of complete sets of genomic features such as genes, gene families, biochemical and metabolic pathways, repeat structures, G+C content. To avoid any possible misunderstanding, please Email Dr. Lars Steinmetz ( With this single exception, the pre-publication data are available for all other scientific uses (e.g., microarray design) as follows:

  1. We would appreciate being contacted prior to submission of manuscripts that use our posted, but unpublished, YJM789 genome sequence. Publications that significantly rely on our YJM789 genome sequence data and are submitted prior to our publication of the sequence should consider sharing authorship. All manuscripts should refer to the specific version or date of the data release and include the following citation: “S. cerevisiae YJM789 Genome Project, Stanford Genome Technology Center, funded by grant numbers HG02052 and HG00205 from the NIH”.
  2. Users are free to download the S. cerevisiae YJM789 genome sequence for their own use and that of others within their research environment. This data release policy must be displayed to all users of the downloaded data.
  3. We explicitly request that users not serve our S. cerevisiae YJM789 genome sequence data to external users. For an exception to our request, you must receive explicit written permission from Dr. Lars Steinmetz (

By proceeding into the S. cerevisiae YJM789 genome sequence data, you are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and will abide by the S. cerevisiae YJM789 Genome Project data release policy.